Who we are

“When I was little I watched my grandparents.
They came from the country and they were good at cultivating the land, taking care of the grain, making good bread and good pasta: they had good hands!
…raising cows, producing good milk, good cheese: they had golden hands! *
They were good at tending their vegetable garden, at cultivating lettuce, tomato …that was gold too!
Now that I’m an adult, I only have strong memories of that genuine world which demanded so much effort. And when I look back with nostalgia to those skilled hands and how the earth and man were one, I realize that the uniqueness of those flavors is indelibly imprinted on my mind…

…in honor of those who have dedicated their lives to hard work”

Gianfranco Ardenti

* Golden hand (Mano d’Oro in Italian language) means: to have great manual skills

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